Being More Flexible and Adaptable in 2017!

We are in the midst of 2017 resolutions for the new year. Everyone things for the old go-to resolutions of losing weight or eating better.  Why not resolve to live a more flexible, less-stressful life?

Have you ever made a plan and had things go terribly off track? Things just don’t go your way, or you don’t accomplish the goal you had set for yourself? Okay, so those are ridiculous questions. Everyone, at some time or another have had thing not go their way. Research shows that being more flexible and adaptable makes for a calmer, more enjoyable life. After all, we each only have one life to live.

Our lives are filled with things we can argue about or fight over. We can be angry at the cable repair man for not showing up on time, or the doctor’s office for not having an appointment slot for three months. However, what is the purpose? Being angry is not going to make him show up any earlier. or have the doctor’s schedule simply open up for your choice of convenient appointments.

Look at daily life and think of ways that you can be more flexible. Flexibility leads to more relaxation, less stress, and a more empowering existence.

According to an article by Megan Coatley, Behavior Expert, 6 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Flexibility, being inflexible is a behavior learned over a long period of time. You may look at being inflexible as standing your ground or a tactic for winning.  In the business arena, inflexibility may be a negotiating strategy. Unfortunately, not all situations can be won or work well in the face of inflexibility.

Practice flexibility by looking for areas in your life to compromise. Many things will be okay even if you do not win or get your way. Ultimately, other people are interested in working with and being around people they enjoy! A life with more flexibility and adaptability to changing events leads to a more- fulfilled, less-stressed life. Remember, you only get to do it once, you might as well enjoy it!


3 Home-Based Businesses You Can Start Today

Are you looking for a great at-home, or mostly-at-home business idea to start in 2017. If your are great with domestic services and looking for a business to do on your own time, think about starting a laundry service. Another idea for domestic divas is starting a personal chef business. And finally, if you are looking for a business that requires event planning and connecting community businesses together, check out our listing for  Arts and Craft Show Promoter.

These three business ideas are great for the micro-entrepreneur. If you are looking for an opportunity with low-overhead where you can to most of the labor during the start-up of the company, one of these ideas may be right for you.

Laundry Service- Ironing

What the Business Does: Providing laundry services entails washing, drying, and folding or hanging clothes for individuals. This is a great service for busy professionals, doctors, and dual-income households with no one available to do the household task. This is a great business for a thriving community with people that don’t have the time or the desire to do the job. Some people will wash their own clothes but need someone to iron their husband’s shirts for work. When people are busy they have to pick and choose what chores they can and cannot do. A lot of the time, laundry is the chore that suffers.

Startup Costs: $100-$500

Earning Potential: $15,000-$35,000

What to Charge: wash, dry, and fold for $8-$12 per lb of clothing; ironing $1-$3 per item

Equipment Needed: washer and dryer, iron, ironing board or professional presser; or access to them

How you find clients: word of mouth, flyers on homes and in professional buildings, bulletin boards, day care centers, place a flyer at the coin laundry mat

Skills Needed: attention to detail, knowledge of soaps, chemicals, and cleaning process; many books offer how-to tips regarding laundry cleaning

Time to Start Earning: 1 to 3 weeks

Home-based business: yes

Additional Staff: not necessary; potential for staff members as service demand increases

Other Costs: liability insurance, and hangers, detergent, special spot cleaners

Setting yourself apart: Provide great service and go above and beyond. Make repairs and fix buttons when needed, be sure to refund for any damaged goods.

Additional Services: Add pick-up and delivery services at houses or business locations. Also, errand services, housecleaning, and cooking are good services to add for already busy professionals. Give a small discount to customers that use multiple services.

Tips for Super Simple, Super Small entrepreneurs: Use a printed receipt with a disclaimer that states that you are not responsible for damages due to commercial laundry facilities. Also, get paid before you launder or iron the items.

Personal Chef

What the Business Does: Develop menus, shop for ingredients, and provide meals to individuals and families in their homes. Provide great food to busy professionals and dual-income households that want nutritious meals but don’t have the time. Consider catering to specific dietary needs or working with a set budget. Remember, some clients will be super specific and very picky when paying for food prepared by a personal chef. You may prepare

Startup Costs: $500-$1000

Earning Potential: $35,000-$50,000

What to Charge: $200 per day plus the cost of groceries; or on a per serving basis

Equipment Needed: computer, printer, phone, automobile; cooking utensils or use theirs

How you find clients: local newspaper, website; flyers at workplace

Skills Needed: cooking, food safety, and organization skills

Time to Start Earning: 2 to 4 weeks

Home-Based Business: yes

Cons: Make sure your food is cooked well and you follow food safety guidelines. Also, you may be asked to cook food you don’t like or don’t know how.

Additional Staff: not necessary; acquire interns from the local college and expand as needed

Other Costs: disposable containers to leave at the customer’s house

Setting Yourself Apart: Simply make really good tasting food. People will rave about your service and tell their friends. Provide flowers on the dinner table. Offer an additional dessert.

Additional Services: You can specialize in freeze-ahead meals or specialty low-fat diets. Niche markets include busy families, new moms, elderly that cannot travel to the grocery store,  brides, family reunions, and children’s birthday parties. Anyone that does not want to cook.

Arts and Crafts Show Promoter

What the Business Does: An arts and craft show promoter schedules venues and vendors to display their wares for potential customers. These shows range from health fairs to festivals and holiday expos.

Startup Costs: $500- $1000

Earning Potential:$20,000-$40,000

What to Charge: Percentage of booth rental; percentage of ticket sales

Equipment Needed: computer with desktop publishing software and printer, cell phone

How you find clients: direct mail; bulletin board; internet

Skills Needed: project management skills

Time to Start Earning: 6 to 8 weeks

Home-based business: yes

Cons: you have to get enough booth renters to fill your space as well as a lot of publicity for the event. You also have to be able to draw a big crowd for your vendors.

Additional Staff: no; possibly some volunteer staff

Other Costs: insurance costs

Setting Yourself Apart: focus on creating a one of a kind event and getting as many people to the event as possible

Additional Services: wedding shows; food shows, kids expos